Animal Crossing: 10 Updates I’d Love To Have In The Game.

If you’ve seen me ramble about Animal Crossing New Horizons on social media, you’ll probably know that it is one of my favourite games to play on the Switch console. I love that it’s set in real time, that it stretches the imagination with land alterations and design creation, and that it’s simply cosy. There’s no rush to it.

There’s no wonder it attracts millions of fans every day. The online community is huge and passionate and they believe so highly in the game that there is a lot said when it falls short of their expectations. I think because I’m a newbie to Animal Crossing (Hew Horizons is my first AC game), I don’t feel the same passion or disappointment when any of the updates add or don’t add extra special content. New content is cool and considering it’s free, I’m not going to complain. That being said, there are aspects of the game Nintendo could work on and improve with updates and that’s what I want to talk about today.

So let’s jump into the 10 updates I’d like to see come to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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A bigger Nooks Cranny

Compared to the museum, Able Sisters or a fully developed resident representative house, there is still a bit of space for the Nook’s Cranny shop to grow. It only has one update between the wooden structure and its current state, which I actually quite like, but it could do with a second update to increase the number of new or different items it sells and take full advantage of the space. In fact, I think I’d like a second floor for NPCs like Leif or Sahara to set up a permanent space.

The ability to craft multiple items of the same DIY

For some DIYs like fish bait or medicine, it doesn’t make sense to me to craft them individually. It’s also a little tedious running through that craft process over and over. I know I talk about liking the slow and steady nature of the game but for some of the items, I want them crafted ready to go for whatever I’m planning to do.

Bulk buying clothes in Able Sisters

Rather than constantly go in and out of the changing room individually buying items, I’d like there to be a better basket feature where you can purchase all the clothes and accessories in their various forms just once. It would just be more convenient.

Bulk ordering Nook Miles tickets

This is another case of where doing the same individual task over and over becomes tedious. I think there needs to be a function where you can say how many nook tickets you want rather than stand at the machine getting one at a time.

The choice to travel from nook island to nook island.

This is mainly for villager hunting or bulk collecting materials. I think it would be more convenient if there was an option to go between the nook islands rather than travel back to the airport and deal with the dialogue.

Increasing the purchase limit of items from the Nook Shopping Catalogue

When there’s a lot of things you want from the catalog, or you’re sending items to a friend, that 2 or 5 item limit is a little annoying. If Nintendo thinks there has to be a limit, maybe set it at 10 or something.

More crops or fruit to grow and farm.

I love that we get different fruits in the game, I love that we can grow pumpkins, but I think there is further potential to grow a wider variety of crops. There are a lot of people who design their islands to be very natural, rural, farm-like etc…and it would be very cool. It also ties in nicely with the Turkey Day event and the idea that Isabelle is always likes to promote the natural scenery and features of the island.

Marking out an area of cliff to build or destroy.

This for me is another one that would cut out the tedium and the time it takes to do certain tasks. If you’re completely flattening an island to work on a new idea, it would be more convenient to map out the cliff you want to destroy and do it in one click rather than knock it down square by square. With the way the in-game cameras work outside of the houses or campsite, I don’t think this is a function that would ever be included but it would prove useful.

Redd to visit more regularly

Out of all the visiting NPCs in the game (Celeste, Leif, Label, Kicks etc) Redd is probably the one who visits the least and it is rather disheartening when you want to build up the Museum art exhibit because he either doesn’t come around for ages, or when he does visit, the art is all fake and unable to be donated. I know his appearance is random, and those random times do become messed up if you regularly time travel back or forwards, but it would be nice if he could pop up and visit more than he does.

Isabelle’s dialogue

A lot of people dislike Isabelle’s ramble when it comes to lost socks or the previous night’s TV because it gets a little boring and rather repetitive. I personally don’t mind it as I think it gives us an insight into Isabelle’s personality, but I would like it to be updated. She could ramble about other things, or even say if there is a visiting NPC to the island. She declares if there will be shooting stars or if there is a visitor to the campsite so it should be feasible to switch up her dialogue and tell us useful information from time to time.

If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing, what updates would you like? What do you think Nintendo will share in the upcoming Direct?

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