Favourite Features From The Animal Crossing Direct.

Ever since Nintendo announced the return of Brewster and the prospect of an Animal Crossing Direct, all of us have waited with bated breath about what else they could possibly include in an update. I had my thoughts about what I wanted, which you can check out here, and I have to say, Nintendo have surpassed my expectations.

Yes, there are a couple of quality of life updates missing which I wanted, but when you look at everything that is being given to us FOR FREE, I’m not going to complain. All the content looks amazing and I’m really excited for it.

If you haven’t already watched the Direct and don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT read further. I am going through the video, talking about my favourite content details. There will be spoilers…and a lot of unbelievable joy!

Buckle up because this will possibly be a long post!

The Roost.

I never knew Brewster or The Roost in previous games and now I’m really starting to see what all the fuss was about. I think it’s going to add to the relaxing nature of the game and be such a fun feature. I can’t wait, especially if we see NPCs like the Able Sisters or Isabelle coming in.


I often wondered if the dock was always going to have a purpose for something and now we’ve got it. The different islands, seasons, times….all looks cool and kinda helpful, especially if you only tend to play at a set time of the day. I really hope they’re going to be like the other nook mile islands where you can collect more DIYs and materials. And I just want to know what that mysterious looking flora is.

Harv’s Island

I’ve never really been interested in Harv’s island with the photography studio and only went across when it was the wedding season, but now with the plaza opening up, it’s going to be such a good feature. Yes, I wish Leif or Sahara could set up in Nooks Cranny, but the camper van spots are going to be so useful and I’m hoping you can go there all the time without having to wait for an NPC to arrive on your island on a set day.

Crops and Cooking

This was one of the updates I wanted. I knew Animal Crossing couldn’t just stop at fruit and pumpkins and it is perfect. There are so many crops that are going to be available and I can see one of my islands being completely redone to build all the farms and vegetable patches. It’s also going to be cool seeing how it will integrate into other holiday events already in the game such as Turkey Day.

Nook Mile Items

The catalog of things you can buy from the Nook Mile list has grown and I can see so many different ideas bouncing around that will incorporate everything. My main island named Misthaven has a Disney theme and all of these things like the new fountain and the plaza fairground stuff have made me want to completely change or rework it. It’s going to be amazing!

The Storage Shed

I wonder how many times I can say the word ‘useful’ within this paragraph. Whenever I’m decorating on my second island and I want something from storage, I use the Mario pipe to go back and forth. It saves time. However there are certain furniture or craft items that I’m only going to use outside and this storage shed will be incredibly useful keeping all those things together. Also when your pockets fill up and you need space, just put things in the storage shed and come back to them when you need them. And with 2,400 spaces, there will be more than enough storage for everything you collect and need for decorating.


Not just the prospect of them being invited into homes, but new villagers and hopefully new dialogue! They make the game what it is so to have new updates for them is so good.

And now we have to talk about the additional Downloadable Content (DLC) – Happy Home Paradise!

Now everything I mentioned above is included in the free update. Happy Home Paradise is paid downloadable content (DLC) attached to Animal Crossing New Horizons and honestly all of this speaks to my soul. Decorating holiday homes, other buildings like schools, hospitals and getting access to new furniture packs….it’s everything I want from this game. I can see myself not reading and just playing the game all the time building, decorating and escaping real life. Also, I can now stop trying to convert one of my representative houses into a school and have an actual school building to develop.

It feels like we’ve gone back to the the initial days of the game where we’re excited to play again rather than have an Island to theme and decorate for aesthetic Instagram photos. I’m happy for Nintendo to take £22 of my money to pay for this.

Of course, everything about this update is amazing. I’m perfectly content with where the game is now and I’m super excited to see what it will be like come November 5th when everything launches. Everywhere will be Animal Crossing mad again and it will be so much fun!

What new features are you excited to explore in the new update? How do you feel about the paid DLC?

Let’s talk Animal Crossing New Horizons in the comments and get excited!

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