Projects I’ll Be Carrying Over Into 2022

If I were to share my social feeds with you right now, all you’ll see are people talking about starting the new year with a clean slate, whether that be about books, crochet or knitting. Or, whether or not they will be bringing any of those with them into 2022 because try as they might, books or projects stood there languishing in the dreaded naughty corner.

I had those books (which I think I talked about on the other blog in some form or another), and I certainly have the projects. Most of it is down to the fact I’m a process crocheter and knitter – it’s all about working with my hands, challenging what I can do with them, what I’m in the mood for and what essentially distracts my mind from the anxiety or negative thoughts I’ve been struggling with. Therefore, it means I’m coming into 2022 with projects from the past year and even 2020.

There are five things to talk about, so I’ll quit rambling and get into them!

DK Jumper, pattern JB414 by James C Brett.

Sweaters in James C. Brett Stonewash DK (JB414) | The Knitting Network

I’d include the photo of my work in progress on this jumper but foolish, past me put the project bag in a cupboard when I was tidying my room a few days ago and I now can’t remember which one it is in! Ha! Anyway, this is the most languishing of all the works in progress as I cast it on just before the first 2020 lockdown. I’m working on the 3/4 sleeve top in this 2 pattern booklet and as I’ve picked it up in fits and starts and I’d now say I’m about 75% of my way through it. I’ve the sleeve and neck shaping to finish on the back panel, as well as a full sleeve, before I can sew it all together. I’m hoping I can get my act together and finish it around spring because I think it would be a good top for that time of year. It’s also not in the colours shown but this rusty yellow and pink self-striping yarn, also by James C Brett, which I got in Hobbycraft (the main craft store chain in the UK).

The easy blanket I’m too annoyed to work on because I don’t understand how my tension could have changed so much to cause all the rippling and warping, which will probably even out once finished and blocked. Saying that it isn’t that far off from being completed either. The pattern/colour chart I’m following indicates I’ve got 20 or so rounds left, and whilst that might sound a lot, in terms of a granny stripe, it’s really not. I can actually stop when I feel it is big enough, as long as the last round is an even number so the border fits on it nicely.

A Day Out KAL, designed by Sarah Hatton for Black Sheep Wools

Like the d’Histoire Naturelle blanket last year tested my crochet skills, this blanket is testing my knitting skills! The squares that make up this blanket are unlike anything I’ve knitted before and it takes a lot of concentration, peace, and motivation to be able to work on them, all of which I’ve struggled finding lately. However, I don’t want to give up on the blanket as a whole because the reasons and inspiration behind the creation of this blanket, particularly the names of the squares and the chosen colourways, are local to me. It’s become something personal and I’d like to have that link if and when I finally move away again. There are loads of squares still left to do and I take a long time working them up so I reckon this will be a year-long project to complete.

Pastel Baby Blanket, from Sirdar Snuggly Pattercake Yarn

An easy, “keep-by-the-bed” project for those insomnia nights or when I’m unwell, just to simply keep my hands busy so I’m not scrolling through my phone and making my mind feel even more worked up. It’s a basic corner to corner baby blanket which is written up on the back of the yarn band and I’m just doubling the size of it by using both the yarn cakes I have in stash. It’s not a project I’m in any rush to finish even though I’ve added the second cake and am now decreasing stitches. It’s just nice to pick up every once in a while.

Granny Stripe/Square Blanket of my own design

Don’t ask me when I actually started this because I do not remember, at all! I do remember that my idea was to have two sections of squares, with colour bands in between but I think I used the wrong hook for the second set of squares and when I came to attach them onto this blanket, they didn’t fit. Oops! I’m now adding in the stripes on the other side of the squares and I use it as another, “I’ll work on it when I’m in bed ill” project. I’ll probably say it’s finished when I feel it is big enough or I can no longer be bothered with it. I think that shows how long it has been languishing in the corner of my room!

And there we have it. The five crochet and knitting projects I’ll be carrying over into 2022!

Are there any craft projects you’ll be carrying over into 2022 or are you someone who likes to start the year with a clean slate?!

Let me know in the comments and we’ll talk crafts!

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