Emma’s Cosy Corner: Episode 1

Hello! Welcome to something new, and something that is probably better achieved on video than on a blog, but we’ll see how it goes – my little cosy, crafting corner. Find a nice drink, and some snacks and sit back and enjoy the rambling about crochet, knitting and anything and everything in between.

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Projects I’ll Be Carrying Over Into 2022

If I were to share my social feeds with you right now, all you’ll see are people talking about starting the new year with a clean slate, whether that be about books, crochet or knitting. Or, whether or not they will be bringing any of those with them into 2022 because try as they might, books or projects stood there languishing in the dreaded naughty corner.

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Cosy Winter Comforts

Autumn has come and gone, Winter is here and it is time to warm up in front of the fire. We never really know if we’ll have the white winter that creates the most idyllic artwork and scenes captured on a Christmas Card, and if we do, it is more likely to cause absolute chaos, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to making the best of it.

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Favourite Features From The Animal Crossing Direct.

Ever since Nintendo announced the return of Brewster and the prospect of an Animal Crossing Direct, all of us have waited with bated breath about what else they could possibly include in an update. I had my thoughts about what I wanted, which you can check out here, and I have to say, Nintendo have surpassed my expectations.

Yes, there are a couple of quality of life updates missing which I wanted, but when you look at everything that is being given to us FOR FREE, I’m not going to complain. All the content looks amazing and I’m really excited for it.

If you haven’t already watched the Direct and don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT read further. I am going through the video, talking about my favourite content details. There will be spoilers…and a lot of unbelievable joy!

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Animal Crossing: 10 Updates I’d Love To Have In The Game.

If you’ve seen me ramble about Animal Crossing New Horizons on social media, you’ll probably know that it is one of my favourite games to play on the Switch console. I love that it’s set in real time, that it stretches the imagination with land alterations and design creation, and that it’s simply cosy. There’s no rush to it.

There’s no wonder it attracts millions of fans every day. The online community is huge and passionate and they believe so highly in the game that there is a lot said when it falls short of their expectations. I think because I’m a newbie to Animal Crossing (Hew Horizons is my first AC game), I don’t feel the same passion or disappointment when any of the updates add or don’t add extra special content. New content is cool and considering it’s free, I’m not going to complain. That being said, there are aspects of the game Nintendo could work on and improve with updates and that’s what I want to talk about today.

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5 Perfect TV Shows To Watch In Autumn

If there is one to love or hate about Autumn, it is the encroaching darker nights. They’re rather foreboding and creepy but at the same time, there’s a cosiness that comes from everything we do to combat the darkness – soft lighting, bringing the autumn colours and scents inside, and how we unwind in the evenings.

One of the ways I unwind in these evenings is through TV and there are some shows (whether live or available on streaming services) that perfectly encompass all the different Autumn vibes from cosy comfort to supernatural spookiness.

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Cosy Autumn Comforts

I am always waiting for Autumn to arrive. I’m not built for Summer and the cooler, brisk Autumn days are simply a joy to behold. They’re also full of warmth and it gives a nice juxtaposition to the season which I find very appealing.

The rich orange, red and yellow colours of the changing leaves, the crunch of shells beneath my feet, the kids running up and down one of nearby roads collecting conkers, the history of big events like Halloween and Bonfire Night… It’s really beautiful to me and especially living in a semi-rural village, that natural beauty is everywhere.

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The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse.

Every so often a book comes into our lives at the most perfect of moments. It helps us, comforts us, it even heals us so we can continue living day after day. It’s the joy that comes from being a reader and what ultimately keeps us reading.

For the most part, Sarah and I don’t read the same books. We have different tastes, different fictional genres and age ranges that we each explore. BUT, there are times the same books cross our paths and they have a profound impact on both of us, the last book being The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy.

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My Blogging Essentials For Productivity and Organisation

Now I’m back to the idiotic task of running two blogs, organisation and productivity is more important than ever. I can’t have things all over the place otherwise my mind is a mess, things are unmanageable, and the act of blogging becomes incredibly daunting.

I love writing, I love sharing aspects of my life through blogging and these personal organisational and productivity essentials help me to continue doing just that! I’m also hoping that now I’m back on top of things again, they’ll help to stave off the unwelcome slumps, the lack of motivation, and anxiety I do sometimes get with blogging because at the end of the day it is my hobby and not a job.

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Classic Disney Princess: Why They Are Still Role Models!

There’s always talk about the traditional Disney princesses and that they’re often not the best role models for the younger generations (girls in particular) because at the end of the story they have a prince and tend to live happily ever after.

I don’t want to truly say what I think about this because I want to avoid using profanity on my blog. Instead, I’ll go for something along the lines of “get a grip” because there’s so much more to the older, traditional Disney princesses (or pre-1990s renaissance era princesses as I sometimes like to call them) than the desire for a prince and a happy ending.

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