Projects I’ll Be Carrying Over Into 2022

If I were to share my social feeds with you right now, all you’ll see are people talking about starting the new year with a clean slate, whether that be about books, crochet or knitting. Or, whether or not they will be bringing any of those with them into 2022 because try as they might,Continue reading “Projects I’ll Be Carrying Over Into 2022”

Favourite Features From The Animal Crossing Direct.

Ever since Nintendo announced the return of Brewster and the prospect of an Animal Crossing Direct, all of us have waited with bated breath about what else they could possibly include in an update. I had my thoughts about what I wanted, which you can check out here, and I have to say, Nintendo haveContinue reading “Favourite Features From The Animal Crossing Direct.”

Animal Crossing: 10 Updates I’d Love To Have In The Game.

If you’ve seen me ramble about Animal Crossing New Horizons on social media, you’ll probably know that it is one of my favourite games to play on the Switch console. I love that it’s set in real time, that it stretches the imagination with land alterations and design creation, and that it’s simply cosy. There’sContinue reading “Animal Crossing: 10 Updates I’d Love To Have In The Game.”

Finished and Ongoing Crochet Works in Progress.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt about crafting since I started to knit and crochet, it is that sticking to one project at a time isn’t possible. I have to have a variety of things on the go to suit every mood and situation – a mindless TV project, a brain teaser, alfresco crafting,Continue reading “Finished and Ongoing Crochet Works in Progress.”

A Live, Craft, Read, Love Welcome

Hello and welcome to what is a new blogging venture! Live, Craft, Read, Love is the culmination of past blogs, interests that only ever seem to swell in time and the constant need to share them with like-minded souls. It is also the blog I’ve been trying to write and create for a while, withContinue reading “A Live, Craft, Read, Love Welcome”